Re:centering Periphery 02. Moscow. Russia
(HD, color, 45’, 2013)
English subtitles

A film by OginoKnauss
Directed by Manuela Conti, Lorenzo Tripodi
Script: Lorenzo Tripodi
Camera: Manuela Conti, Lorenzo Tripodi
Assistant: Laura Colini
Sound design and recording: Francesca Mizzoni
Original soundtrack: Infrason
Editor: Manuela Conti
Produced by Oginoknauss
With Roman Sinicin
Narrated by Lorenzo Tripodi
With the support of the Moorroom

Dom Novogo Byta is a new step into the investigation led by Ogino:knauss on how Twentieth century’s modernist principles shaped the everyday life of urban dwellers, and what is their heritage in a global urbanisation perspective. In 2009, the collective was invited in Moscow to produce a video installation for an art exhibition promoting the preservation of constructivist architecture which became the occasion for a film travelogue. Dom Novogo Byta is the diary of a journey into the imagined and built landscapes of Moscow, chasing the remnants of the extraordinary utopian season of the avant-guards in the 1920’s and confronting it with the contemporary reality of post-communist Russia. It takes the vantage point of the dilapidated Narkomfin building, hardly surviving today in a central plot of land appealing for real-estate speculators. Designed in 1927 by Moisei Ginzburg, this is one of the earlier projects to absorb Le Corbusierian modernist principles. The Narkomfin was a prototype for revolutionary communes to come, aimed at reforming the everyday life of Russian citizens together with their spatial environment. Its utopian aspirations were soon annihilated by the rise to power of Stalin. From the story of the Narkomfin, the film progressively traverse imagined landscapes advanced by propaganda, finally getting lost into the newly built massive urbanisation of the harsh periphery of Moscow.



7_10_2016 Calvert22, London
special event at Urbanize!, Vienna
5-6-7_10_2013 Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival
17-20_10_2013 Arquitectura Film Festival, Santiago, Chile
26-29_09_2013 Arquiteturas Film Festival Lisboa
14_09_2013 International Architecture Film Festival Lund, at Museum of Sketches
22_05_2013 Facoltà di Architettura, Firenze
14_05_2013 BTU Cottbus
09_05_2013 Docucity festival, Milan
08_05_2013 Frei Universität, Berlin
28_04_2013 Latvian Premiere, “Ingredients”, Riga Art Space
13_03_2013 Italian Premiere, Spazio K, Firenze
13_03_2013 World Premiere, Moviemento Kino, Berlin