We left Moscow with good feelings… we stepped into a very interesting subject and came back with renewed curiosity and enthousiasm to go forward in our project (s). The first impact with Moscow has been tough and puzzling, the impression was of an hostile and repulsive city, too big, too noisy, too competitive… and difficult to film.


However, proceeding with our usual attitude in exploring transversally the city and its social networks, thanks to the many wonderful, friendly, hospital and intelligent people that we meet, which helped and assisted us to have a better understanding on Moscow’s reality, we have been discovering many interesting tensions and narratives flowing behind its more unpleasant surface. In particular, we are extremely grateful to Anna Bronovitskaya and Boris Kondakov, who have welcomed us in their homes and guided us with their deep knowledge of history of Moscow’s architecture; to Elena Ovsyannikova and Ncolai Vassiliev, and the people at MARKI for their support, their disponibility and for the fundamental effort that they are doing in preserving the threatened heritage of modernist architecture in Moscow.


We want to remember all the people that helped us, gave us their advice and conceded interviews for our investigation, as Alexei Ginzburg, Alexei Murakho, Lisa Schmid, Lisa, Stepan, Vova, and the ones that maybe we are forgetting. A particular thanks goes to Roman Sinitcin, talented actor who played for us a wonderful reading of Michael Bulgakov. Thank you also to the artists Achim Vollenscheid and Eva Hertzsch for the pleasant discussions and the exchange of impressions on Moscow. And finally, our biggest thank you goes to Rosanna, Massimiliano, Paul and Claudio – Moorroom, for involving us in this project, giving us the possibility to start a new investigation perfectly fitting in our research theme, and supporting us with total trust and intellectual resonance.

See you all in Moscow in October…