SA, Sovrimanja Architektura, the magazine of the constructivists, published before this design was developed, a Russian translation of Le Corbusier’s celebrated 5 points of the new architecture, in which Le Corbusier based the new discourse on the use of concrete, and insisted on the meaning pilotis, ribbon windows, the free plan, the free façade and the garden roof, the terrace roof.
We meet exactly all these elements, literally, at the Narkomfin. So the Narkomfin would later be characterized by the enemies of constructivists in Moscow as an evil example of “corbusiamizme”, of  “corbusianry”, and indeed it was one of such buildings: one in which all this five points, if you look at all the details of the building, were systematically put into form.

J.L Cohen, interview by OK

SA N.5, 1930