• Stare Sajmište The urban periphery is a field of conquest and investment. It is the frontier of the advancing city, the front of the urban growth machine. Essential modern means to foster urban development are exhibitions, temporary events, the use of spectacular processes as ice-breaking operations towards new investment and settlement. The invention of modernism is indissolubly […] jo pixel No responses 2014-04-10
  • New Belgrade Day two. Of old and new spaces, displaced and replaced people. New and old typologies of public space reflected. One of the few places in Novi Belgrade to have a name, aside from a number. Blok 28 is called Televizorke, because the windows look like TV sets from the 60’s. The long strips between the […] jo pixel No responses 2013-09-17
  • Sulukule – Istanbul Thanks to the lucky event of being awarded at the local International Architecture and Urban Film, in October we had the opportunity to shortly visit Istanbul. Jopixel has been guided by our friend the activist and architect Asli Kiyak Ingin to visit Sulukule, the most ancient Roma neighbourhood in the world. It has been host […] jo pixel No responses 2008-12-08