There is an old man who lives nearby the Narkomfin, notably in the stalinian building build in the place of the 5th element of the narkomfin project; every time he sees someone hanging around and taking pictures, he comes out and start to tell stories about both buildings, and theĀ  competition among them to be the most prestigious and classy.

Vladimir Fjiodorvitch Tallisin is the dean of the residents of the area. He his 81 years old and has been livingĀ  in this place since 1934. He is a poet, and maybe will declaim you some of his verses. He told us a lot, for the most already known details,and some new things. He says that the Narkomfin was called the “steamship building” for its shape, and pointed us the terrace recalling the captains bridge. He speaks about the guests of the house, important people as Semashko and Deneika, but also the actress Bgan (?) who interpreted Saint Exupery’s Petit prince. He says that, during the war, in the common building was istalled a flag factory; then, it went back to the common use of dwellers, but abandoned later on, it became a shelter for homeless people until it has been sealed.

Listen to his voice at the beginning of our videoinstallation